Aims of a life coach:

The wellbeing and empowerment principles of this coaching service looks at the body, mind and spirit as an interconnected whole. 

A disturbance or dysfunction in any one area influences other areas and vice-versa.   Not addressing this area can lead to disharmony.  Addressing this disharmony through holistic and complimentary remedies may bring about balance, harmony and wellbeing. 

A life coach can look at all these, and much, much, more. 

Should you be looking to make a difference in your life and feel this is the year for new opportunities or feel it is the right time to make a change for a fresh start.  Contacting me could become the beginning of an inspired and fulfilling journey.  

A life changing quote:

" My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be "

- Wayne Dyer

What is a life coach and what are the aims?

A life coach is someone who can support you through any area of life you wish to explore and work upon.  

Facilitated coaching tools and techniques are designed and used to help you identify goals, address past and current blocks, along with celebrating 

success as you reach your desired goal.  

A life coach aims to bring you back on track in order to get more out of life. 

A life coach believes you are an expert in your own life.  Through structure, direction, and clarity, 

you will make decisions that enhance your life choices.  

Both in my personal and professional life, I am a strong believer of synchronicity which is defined as "Meaningful Coincidences."  When the timing is right, the client and coach meet.          

An inspirational quote:

"Believe you can and you're halfway there" 

- Theodore Roosevelt 

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Aims of a life coach:

As a life coach, we could work together in helping you make a brand new start.  This could involve addressing for e.g. a self-limiting belief or a desire for skill acquisition and or a safe space to discuss and bounce off ideas. 

It may be that you are not entirely sure where to start and are looking to have a meaningful conversation, well that's absolutely fine too. 

A life coach is happy to guide and facilitate the time they have with you following an 

agenda that suits you best.       

A life coach re-motivates, re-energises, rejuvenates and or challenges you in a supportive manner.  

With trust and a collaborative partnership, a life coach aims to help you rediscover and unleash your hidden potential.    

And helps you to do much more...

Such as helping you to look at life, family, work and career balance.

This is the place for you, if you are looking to make a change, in order to live your life to its fullest purpose and potential.  Each one of us has a unique gift and perhaps you are yet to find yours. By understanding your gift, a change happens that can empower and transform your life into a life of abundance, inspiration and wellbeing.  To live a life of wellbeing; Waves provides one to one confidential support in any area that you wish to explore further through coaching, counselling and therapeutic methods.  As a wellbeing and empowerment coach, my role is to support you live the life you desire and become the person you want to be.  This includes helping dealing with change, managing stress, exploring motivational patterns, and gaining necessary steps to live life to your fullest potential and authenticity.  Balancing life roles and occupational demands, identifying meaningful in purposeful occupations, and increasing understanding regarding the centrality of occupation(s) in your life can be the steps needed, to restore wellness and wellbeing.  Spiritual wellness is explored by taking a wholistic and ecelectic approach including body, mind and spirit. 

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