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Hi, My name is Janet Gawander. 

Let me introduce myself to you.  I have a beautiful family with two lovely children who are as different as night and day.  My husband gives me the space to explore life for all its shades and my children certainly inspire me to be the very best that I can be.  I have been blessed with a fulfilled, inspired and an abundant life.  I love being a life coach and feel great joy through empowering and transforming lives.  

So why am I here having a conversation with you?

Because if you too, would love to live an inspired life, in a world of full of uncertainties and constant change, and know intuitively that there is much more to life than what meets the eye, and are searching for that missing piece that would complete your puzzle, then I can help.

And what makes me think, I can help?


Well because I have been there...where I knew intuitively there was much more to life and somehow the life I wanted or seemed natural to have, kept escaping me.  And I certainly wasn't born with a silver spoon and neither did I live a life of abundance or inspiration.  I did not start off being inspired or even knew how to help myself or others. 

This not knowing, resulted in my life's journey having its own fair share of trials and tribulations.  Having made wrong decisions and not taking actions when I should have or could have, due to doubts and insecurities, began to get the better of me.  

At other times I would procrastinate and ignore these personal traits and tendencies by substituting it with 

something else.  This seemed to help me escape the challenge that I knew lay ahead.  These types of self-limiting blocks prevented both success and wellbeing.

So what caused my change and transformation in living an inspired life?

Mainly a change in mindset and through the process of continuous learning, reflection and action.  Life lessons and helping hands, in the form of family, friends, tutors, and mentors, who were willing to invest in me.  They saw greater potential than I had realised at the time.  But my greatest discovery and realisation was when it finally dawned to me, during a quiet and tranquil moment of contemplation and meditation, and as inspiration came knocking in, That I  embraced this thought or you could call it an idea, for the very first time. 

The thought or idea that arose, was along the lines of,...

"my life was never up to anyone else, no matter how great their intention was, it was always up to me to fix, change or do whatever was necessary".  This was followed by a subsequent idea, that was convinced that 

"I could deliberately create any reality I give my attention too".  To do this, however I needed to change my thinking and become more open to guidance with less resistance to myself and others.  The responsibility and accountability was mine alone and there was no room for blame.  This understanding came with greater clarity and a firm belief, confirming that life had always been on my side and that it was never against me or anybody else's for that matter, regardless of how bleak the situations may have appeared to be, and if anybody could do something about it, it would have to start with ME.  This revelation became 

both a godsend and a defining moment for transformation 

to begin in my life.

I especially love this quote and believe it passionately because of its empowered perspective:

"Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny - he or she has something to fulfil, some message that has to be delivered, some work that has to be completed.  You are not here accidentally - you are here meaningfully.  There is a purpose behind you.  The whole intends to do something through you."  Osho

Although these were some of my blocks and limitations that I had to overcome during the years.  Yours maybe entirely different and or the same.  Whether it is the same or different, it doesn't matter a great deal.  What is of greater importance, is to begin working on yourself to make changes. 

Even a small wee step in the right direction will help you transform your life, in time.  It seldom happens overnight but then the effects are therefore longer lasting.  Sometimes life throws curve balls and it hurts but again without appropriate challenges; growth and change do not necessarily occur in our lives and our life would remain the same.  This is often described as being stuck in a rut.  It is entirely possible that you have tried to make changes and they just don't seem to have worked in producing a life you want.  If this is the case, you may wish to seek coaching support. 

Having shared some of my personal history and insights with you, here's the professional side that compliments my life story.


Professional History 

My career started off with me working as a therapeutic recreational therapist in Vancouver, Canada.  I then completed my BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy in the England and went on to work in Vancouver, British Columbia and in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.  Some years later, I had a strong desire to continue with further education and was inclined to complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling from Edinburgh University.  This was then followed by a Masters in Science in Occupational Therapy from Queen Margaret University.  Since there are many speciality areas available within coaching, I have particularly chosen the area of Wellbeing Life Coaching as it resonates most closely with my personal and professional philosophy. 

Yet along with these educational pursuits, I have always had a deep calling to awaken my spiritual identity too.  My trips to India has been marvellous for my spiritual journey and upliftment.  Having been born in Fiji, which is a tropical island in the south pacific, living and growing up during my teenage years in England and having spent most of my adult life in Canada has certainly given me a very broad outlook. 

This outlook combined with my spiritual training, includes completing a 1st and 2nd Usai Shikiryoho's Reiki healing program.  In addition to having completed my Angel Card Realm Reader training from Doreen Virtue's workshops.  Furthermore I use crystal, astrological, numerological and tarot card for clients inclined to such modalities along with dream analysis and journaling to identify hidden triggers and blocks that can sabotage well intentioned plans.  

In addition to having completed a mindfulness training programme that can be used with clients who are interested in engaging in a meditative practice for centering and grounding purposes.                   

As a result, I have integrated over eighteen years of working experience as a therapist with people from culturally diverse backgrounds and a wide range of mental health issues.  This working experience coupled with my scientific and spiritual knowledge base, and having overcome my own life challenges, with a keen interest in quantum physics, has helped design and create a unique blend of Wellbeing and Spiritual Wellness Coaching Programme.  The tools from this coaching programme can be used to support and enable you to live a life you want. 

As I often say, if it can work for me, it can most definitely work for you. 

Because your life matters!!!

How does this service work?

There are several packages with compatible rates for beginners and for those who use coaching regularly.  These rates can be in the form of hourly sessions facilitated once a week, or you can block a number of sessions lasting up to three months at any one time.  I am happy to meet with you in a public space and discuss alternative arrangements 

if that would suit your needs better.  I live and work from Scotland and this can include telephone and skype communication for clients living both in the United Kingdom as well as those living elsewhere.  

Should you require further information regarding my holistic and eclectic coaching practice, please free to contact me through the contact page on this website and or the mobile number and personal email address provided on the site. 

If you wish for further clarity regarding the differences provided by various similar helping professions, please go to that particular page on this site which is provided on the top right hand corner of this page.

Looking forward to working with you. 

Because your wellbeing matters to me!!!

Till then, wishing you an inspired life.