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Life Coaching Programme Description

The three main programmes offered at the lounge are OPTION 1, OPTION 2 or OPTION 3


Each programme is grouped as short term ( 4 weeks), medium term ( 8 weeks), or a long term (12 weeks), block of sessions. 

The decision regarding which block would suit you best can be made during the consultation stage but is not restricted to the consultation stage only.  Towards  the middle and the last session of each block; changes to the duration of the programme can be made, as necessary.

Clients have the option to chose which of the two programmes they would like to focus on and if they so wish; they are welcome to complete the other programme too.  Each programme is fine tuned and tailored to suit your specific need.      

For client whose needs may not fit either of the two start up programmes; additional options are offered.  Should you require further information, please use the contact page.   

Programme 1

OPTION 1: The Blue Programme

Inspired Wellbeing Coaching Programme (IWCP)

Programme 2

OPTION 2: The Red Programme 

Empowered Living Coaching Programme (ELCP)  

Programme 3

OPTION 3: The Green Programme


All programmes can offer a mix of conversations, counselling, therapy, coaching, meditation, reiki, yoga, chakra therapy, crystals, tarot cards, nature and outdoors, spiritual and existential enquiry and reflection. Personal and transformation work is provided to get to the root of the problems and challengers you face. Life style management, catharsis and confidence, self esteem, self worth are looked at to encourage better sleeping habits and consistency with routines. Freedom to be yourself and knowing your true self gives you the courage to live and explore your life to its fullest. Learning to embrace the waves of life by riding it to the max; gives you the experience like no other. Freedom is your ultimate gift that life has bestowed on each of us.